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Unhappily, this will had scarcely been signed when the Prince died. The question was again unsettled, and presented greater difficulties than before. A new Treaty of Partition was concluded between France, England, and Holland. It was agreed that Spain, the Indies, and the Netherlands, should descend to the Archduke Charles. In return for this great goals want to achieve essay made by the Bourbons to a rival house, it was agreed that France should have the Milanese, or an equivalent in a more commodious situation.

The essay topics for corrections in view was the province of Lorraine. Whether the treaty was judiciously framed is quite another question. We disapprove of the stipulations.

But we disapprove of them, not because we think them bad, but because we think that there was no chance of their being executed.

Louis was the most faithless of politicians. He hated the Dutch. He hated the Government which the Revolution had established in England. He had every disposition to quarrel with his new allies. It was quite certain that he would not observe his engagements, if it should be for his interest to violate them.

Even if it should be for his interest to observe them, it might well be doubted whether the strongest and clearest interest would induce a man so haughty and self-willed to cooperate heartily with two governments which had always been the objects of his scorn and aversion. He was now beset on every side by the goals want to achieve essay and skilful agents of the House of Bourbon. The leading politicians of his court assured him that Louis, and Louis alone, was sufficiently powerful to preserve the Spanish monarchy undivided, and that Austria would be utterly unable to prevent the Treaty of Partition from being carried into effect.

Some celebrated lawyers gave it as their opinion that the act of renunciation executed by the late Queen of France ought to be construed according to the spirit, and not according to the letter. The letter undoubtedly excluded the French Princes. The spirit was merely this, that ample goals want to achieve essay should be taken against the union goals want to achieve essay the French and Spanish crowns on one head.

A few miserable savings were made, which ruined individuals without producing argumentative essay research topics perceptible benefit to the state.

The police became more and more inefficient. The disorders of the capital were increased by the arrival of French adventurers, the refuse of Parisian brothels and gaming-houses. These wretches considered the Spaniards as a subjugated race whom the countrymen of the goals want to achieve essay sovereign might cheat and insult with impunity.

The King sate eating and drinking all night, lay in bed all day, yawned at the council table, and suffered the most important papers to lie unopened for weeks. At length he was roused by the only excitement of which his sluggish nature was susceptible. His grandfather consented to let him have a wife. The choice was fortunate. Maria Louisa, Princess of Savoy, a beautiful and graceful girl of thirteen, already a woman in person and mind, at an age when the females of colder climates are still children, was the person selected.

The King resolved to give her the meeting in Catalonia. He left his anthropology essay kants, of which he was already thoroughly tired.

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