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Write an equation of the line in point-slope form. Write the equation in standard form.

At present, we have a growing presence in our neighbouring countries, g,obal we ac grayling essays on global warming that there is great scope for growth. Marketing in different countries around the world are depending to many influences. It is possible to identify those influences in order to understand the market thoroughly. The development of successful international marketing strategies is based on an effective understanding of the similarity and differences warking ac grayling essays on global warming in the countries around the world.

Grxyling are concerned with international markets need to be aware of the variety market contemplations relevant to their operations. Especially Padini only has limited exposure to international markets. Padini also lack source based essay history internet experiences toward the totally differences culture, geographically and other PEST factors countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The countries that Padini recently built esays brand identity are Singapore, Thailand and Brunei. Thus, in order to eliminate the problems we must scan the environment thoroughly. In international marketing the type of buyer behaviour must be matched to market considerations. Thus, Padini must understand the Hong Kong consumers buying behaviour towards fashion.

The type of consumer buying behaviour varies according to the type of buying decision. The main influences relate to the differences between the brands available to the consumer and the esxays of personal involvement decision.

Therefore, if Padini enter into Hong Kong market, in the future Padini will become the potential brand in international market. The difference of culture in international marketing is thoughtful.

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